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Water Management

Mine Dewatering & Borefields Works.

Mine dewatering and sinking bores is much more than laying pipes and installing pumps. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach, that only a company with all the civil construction services like TCD can achieve, while maintaining strict timelines and budgets.

A combination of pipeline construction, earthworks, pumps and electrical works all need to work perfectly together to complete complex project undertakings, like constructing and moving mines.

With long term customer relationships across multiple sectors, we offer a number of unique service offerings, including Mine Dewatering, Tailings Recovery, Pipeline Supply & Installation

Custom Designed Fit for purpose solutions.

No project is the same. Our breadth of experience and partnerships means we can do it all. From bore pads and turkey nests, to saline bunds and ponds. Maybe you need the clearing and grubbing of bore fields, or the installation of abstraction bores or injection bores, or pipeline welding of HDPE. No matter what, our experienced team will deliver to help you keep productivity up and operating costs down.

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